Sun Mountain Water

Why we are here ?

Sun Mountain Water System was put into place in the late 1960's to enable the land to be broken into lots for sale with culinary water available. 50 years later we are still here with the focus on delivering the finest quality drinking water to our patrons.

Where does the water come from?

Our source of water comes from a series of three different ground wells spread out in the system. The water is pumped into two reservoirs for distribution throughout the area of service.

What is happening to maintain the system ?

We are committed to upgrading the system for continued quality service. in the past three years we have mapped the entire system and continue to bring the 1960/1970 system into the digital age. Road markers continue to be placed throughout our distribution lines to help locate lines in a timely manner and prevent digging conflicts. Spare pumps are being stocked on the shelves to mitigate down time in the event of a failure. We are trying to keep ahead of down time.