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The Water Company moving forward.

Sun Mountain changed owners in February 2016. The new updates to  the system have included upgrades to the buildings and markers in the ground for mainline location. We now have a pump "on the shelf" for immediate replacement on our largest well, and continue to upgrade the system for reliability.


Sun Mountain Water Address

Sun Mountain Water System 18075 Second Avenue Bend, OR 97703


For the first time in the history of Sun Mountain Water the owner drinks the water!

Yes the new owner is a customer of the system so the quality of the water and the system is now personal.

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What do we do?

Sun Mountain Water System has been providing quality domestic drinking water to the patrons of the system since the early 1970's.

How do I get on the water system?

We provide service in the Plainview area of Central Oregon. If you have property or a home in the area that requires new water service please give us a call.

Current Water rates

The current water rates for service are $27/month for the first 4000 gallons of water used and $0.15 per 100 gallons for all use above 4000 gallons for that month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do in a water emergency?
  2. How can I pay my bill?
  3. How do I reach someone with a question?

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Contact Us office phone 541 382 7309

Emergency Line 541 408-2601

Sun Mountain Water System LLC

18075 2nd Avenue Bend OR 97703, United States

(541) 382-7309 Office


Monday - Friday: 9am - 3pm

Saturday: On Call

Sunday: Still On Call ...

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